Customer satisfaction is very important to Bluwhale Ceramic. Satisfying customers' requirements for quality products has always been our constant pursuit. The company's quality management system is an important part of our customer service.
Bluwhale Ceramic is ISO9001 certified company. From drawing requirement analysis to final product shipments, we have developed a strict and standardised quality management requirement in each step of manufacturing process to maintain the consistency of product quality.
Bluewhale Ceramic adopts a dual quality management mechanism. Each manufacturing process is equipped with a corresponding testing protocol and/or a corresponding inspection tool. During the manufacturing process in the workshop, quality inspection will occur at every step of the process to screen for non-conformity. If a non-conformity is identified, parts will be reworked immediately, until the specification is met before proceeding into the next manufacturing process.
Bluwhale Ceramic has a dedicated inspection room equipped with advanced inspection equipment and full-time quality control personnel. Each finished product will go through proper inspection process. Only conforming products will proceed to the packaging and shipping department.
Although Bluwhale Ceramic has a complete quality management system and operational procedures in place, it is inevitable that some unexpected errors such as human error and equipment error will happen during manufacturing process. In case of non-conforming products being shipped to customers, Bluwhale Ceramic promises to rework products that do not meet the requirements for free. If rework is not possible, we will either remake customers' products free of charge or negotiate for refunds/credit with customers to protect our customers' interests.

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