Surface Processing

  • Flat surface smoothness
  • Hole and Shaft surface smoothness
  • Mirror-like polished finish
There are many kinds of industrial ceramic plane processing technology. In general, surface grinders are an efficient way to process more industrial ceramic planes and straight line cutting. Bluwhale Ceramic is experience in ceramics surface processing technology, which can achieve very high precision for surface machining of ceramic plates and tubes. The highest surface roughness that can be achieved on ceramic surface is Ra0.1, which is equivalent to a mirror-like polished finish.
  • Surface Grinder
  • Polishing machine
  • Internal/External Cylindrical Grinder
  • Punch Grinder

Surface Feature Precision

  • Straightness
  • Parallelism
  • Perpendicularity
Post sintered ceramics will have uneven peaks and valleys on the surface. The surface roughness needs to be processed by internal and external cylindrical grinding machines, centre-less grinding machines, surface grinder and other ceramic processing equipment. The smaller the Ra value of the surface roughness, the smoother and flatter the surface is. This is directly proportional to the processing cost. In general, it is recommended to select a larger Ra value to reduce the processing cost if there are no specific application requirements. Depending on the size and feature of the parts, the ceramic products manufactured by Bluwhale Ceramic can generally achieve straightness of 0.01mm, perpendicularity of 0.01mm, and flatness of 0.002mm.
  • Grinding machine processing
  • Centerless grinding machine
  • Centerless grinder close-up
  • Surface grinding

Hole and Shaft Precision

  • Circularity
  • Concentricity
Bluwhale Ceramic has advanced turning equipment, such as honing machine, internal and external cylindrical grinding machine, and punch grinder. Bluwhale Ceramic has extensive experience in ceramic hole and shaft processing technique. Our company can manufacture high-precision ceramic fittings and assemblies, which are deemed as high levels of difficulty in the industry. At our current capabilities, the fitting tolerance of the mating parts manufactured by Bluwhale Ceramic can reach up to 0.003mm. In general, concentricity and circularity can achieve 0.003mm. For shaft processing, the outer diameter of shaft tolerance can reach up to 0.0005mm, and inner diameter of through hole can reach up to 0.002mm.
  • The punch machine
  • Honing machine close-up
  • Honing Machine
  • Punching machine

Geometric Feature and Precision

  • Positional Precision
  • Angular Deviation
Geometrical tolerance refers to the maximum allowable variation in the shape and position of a feature. The required points, lines, surfaces and features are controlled by a specific datum. Bluwhale Ceramic has advanced processing equipment to achieve the required geometrical tolerance, such as presicion CNC machine, surface grinder, and internal and external cylindrical grinding machine.
  • Precision CNC Machine
  • CNC Close-up View/
  • Milling Machine
  • Centerless grinding machine

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