Moulding Capabilities

  • Injection Moulding
  • Dry Pressing
  • Isostatic Pressing
  • Low Pressure Injection Moulding
Bluwhale Ceramic is skilled in injection moulding, dry pressing, isostatic pressing, low pressure injection moulding, and other industrial ceramic moulding processes. In general, isostatic pressing produces the highest density ceramic products, which makes the parts superior in mechanical strength and other mechanical attributes. Injection moulding is suitable for mass production of ceramic products. Bluwhale Ceramic will select the most suitable moulding process according to customer's requirements for product performance, quantity, lead time, etc.
  • Injection Moulding
  • Dry Pressing
  • Isostatic Pressing
  • Low Pressure Injection Moulding

Sintering Capabilities

  • Energy Saving High-Temperature Lift-Bottom Furnace
  • Liquefied Gas High-Temperature Kiln Furnace
Ceramic sintering is a general term for the densification process and phenomena of green-state ceramic at high temperature. Bluwhale Ceramic owns 5 high-temperature energy-saving electric sintering furnaces and 2 large-scale liquefied gas high-temperature kiln furnaces. The monthly sintering capacity of Bluwhale Ceramic can reach 500,000 parts or more, depending on size and shapes of parts. Bluwhale Ceramic has a future plan to expand the plant in order to meet the company's continuous development needs. Two large-scale liquefied gas high-temperature kilns and tunnel kilns will be part of the expansion plan to increase sintering capacity, increase production efficiency, and shorten product delivery time.
  • Liquefied Gas High-Temperature Kiln Furnace
  • Energy Saving High-Temperature Lift-Bottom Furnace
  • Debinding Furnace
  • Post Sintering

Machining Capabilities

  • Surface Roughness Polishing
  • Surface Flatness Grinding
  • Drilling and Threading
  • Precision Milling and Cutting
Bluwhale Ceramic has advanced industrial ceramic production and processing equipment. Our equipment are capable of performing operations such as cutting, milling, grinding, drilling, tapping and other machining capabilities. Bluwhale Ceramic has mastered the matured industrial ceramic production and processing technology, and has extensive experience in processing surface roughness, flatness, porosity, and linear tolerance of ceramic products. Our machining capabilities can achieve very high precision in the ceramic parts, with the highest dimensional accuracy of 0.0005mm, and surface roughness up to a mirror-polished effect.
  • Centre-less Grinder
  • Precision CNC Machine
  • Internal/External Cylindrical Grinder
  • Surface Grinder

Inspection Capabilities

  • Cosmetic Inspection
  • Dimensional Tolerance Inspection
  • Product Quantity Inspection
Bluwhale Ceramic has a strict and standardised quality management system and advanced product testing equipment. Our standardized quality management system starts with the procurement of ceramic raw materials, and covers every process of production and processing of ceramic products to ensure the quality of products produced by Bluwhale Ceramic. We have a two-level quality control mechanism to ensure that every product delivered has the same excellent quality consistently.
  • 3 axis CMM
  • Microscope
  • 2 axis VMM
  • Hardness Tester

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